Get More Business with Flyer Printing

As a small business owner, I can 100% tell you, being in business is tough. Over the past month or so, it has become more apparent that our clients look to use for guidance, advice and general discussion on how to best grown their business. All of which has been part of our service since Kaizen’s inception. If even just a coffee and a chat about the next few months activities, the more I know about your business, the better advice I can give. Yet, I am definitely no expert in the field of marketing. make mistakes and gain knowledge. From this knowledge you’ll be able to come along for the ride and implement the tools we have to grow our businesses together.


We’re very fortunate that as businesses in the 21st Century, we have tools our older counterparts couldn’t dream of. Can you imagine sending a letter and waiting 3 days for a response? For every transaction? Me neither. We live in a world where email makes us accessible 24/7, everyday of the year. The internet makes us mobile too. I’m writing this post from the hills of Co.Donegal and while I have no phone line, little mobile signal and am generally cut off from civilisation, with a quick trip into the village for a coffee, I’ll be able to upload the content an publish it live.


Our customers can now choose to interact with our businesses through the magical world of social media and by doing so they give us information about their purchasing habits, their demographic and their favour or not with the brand at that current time. We live in a world where information is at our finger tips, yet for the most part we choose to ignore what is right in front of us.


Today we’re going to get new business by answering four simple questions. Questions you already know the answer to.


[b]Who are our customers?[/b]

Broadly speaking, my customers are business people, entrepreneurs, marketers, students, office admins and pretty much anyone who needs print for business, education or personal use. Who are yours? Ask yourself that and write out a little list of those who shopped /worked with you in the last month.


[b]How did they find your business?[/b]

Referrals, repeat custom, ‘the internet’, flyer printing, TV advertising, social media tenders or any other sales channel. Write them down again. Easy isn’t it?


[b]What did they buy?[/b]

Products or services, write them down. Even if its a broad area of many things, take a creative licence here and pick an area for development. For Kaizen it includes: design services, website creation, flyer printing, roller banners, taxi wraps, posters, social media graphics. Many things across the month.


[b]Why did they buy it from you?[/b]

We sell posters to conference attendees last minute due to our convenient location near Queens Medical building. Our design services are sold, because we have some of the most talented designers in Belfast, our roller banners are of a better quality than the industry standard. Our marketing engaged a client via social media, they liked us and bought from us. These are real world examples from Kaizen Print


Run through the questions a handful of times and come up with a list of answers to the questions. Give, say 10 examples of the answers a review and ask yourself this question. If I was to only look after 2 of these clients and their projects for the rest of my working life, which would they be?


For example, do you have a particular product or service with greater profit margins, that interests you more. The type of client is easy to work with, due to efficiency, creativity or doesn’t question price when quality is required?


Essentially what we are trying to do here is find your ideal client, ideal job and focus on attaining more of them.


[b]A Kaizen Example[/b]

Over the past while, we have achieved a great reputation for launching and relaunching brands within the food service industry. In the past year we have branded 18 restaurants around Ireland and 1 in China. The clients love our style and the majority of them have been referred to us by other members of the trade. The restauranteurs when creating their brand with Kaizen, look to us for advice on many other facets of their business and as such we reintegrated throughout their marketing from the very inception of the brand.


From this information how do we get more business?


Great service sells. First and foremost our work would have to be good to get referrals. But we can capitalise on this by asking our clients to recommend us to others. I do this on a daily basis and ask if we have done a good turn for you, or our work has went beyond your expectations that you tell someone else. It works!


If I wanted to aggressively market this trade, I would speak to the trade associations, the magazines within it and publish press releases to market my customers rebrands and our work. As a reader of this blog, you will be familiar with my cross promotion strategy. I feature our client work on a regular basis. Not only does it give new ideas to businesses, but helps generate aware for our customers None of us have infinite marketing budgets, so working together we are in a great opportunity to combine our strengths.


I would tell social media of the work we have done. As your online presence grows so does the opportunity to capitalise on your marketing. Write a blog post like this, share it online and ask your friends, family and customers to do the same. Each action you take mounts up.


Run through the questions and answer each in a scenario type process like I have done above. it makes it 100% easier to visualise the steps of generating another sale. Once you do this a couple of times, it becomes second natures and you do the process on autopilot.


If you want to chat through any ideas or run through the scenarios with me, post a message below and we can chat through this as a group. Over the next little while we’re going to run a Google Hangout to chat through some ideas and generate some new ones for each other.


Page Size for Printed Leaflets and Flyers

Leaflets and flyers are a popular promotional tool for businesses of all sizes, but for SMEs, they are often a core part of how they promote their products and services.  With the cost of print often putting smaller companies off using larger formats, it’s important that they decide on the right size of page for the job.  Below, I take a look at some of the most popular page sizes for printed leaflets and flyers, and when these tend to be used.

Popular page sizes to use when printing leaflets and flyers


A4 (297mm x 210mm) is the largest I would recommend going when printing a leaflet or flyer.  While you can print a leaflet onto A3 paper, this tends to be used more for small print runs and can often resemble posters.  A4 is a popular page size for leaflets and flyers as you have lots of room to promote your offering.  It’s also a size that many of us are familiar with, and if you are printing internally to save costs, you will likely have a decent of A4 paper.  A4 leaflets and flyers are popular for trade shows and conferences, and can also be used in your shop or place of business to highlight the features and benefits of your product.


A5 paper is half the size of A4 and perhaps the most popular size when it comes to printed flyers.  A5 is a popular choice because it is small enough to fit into your customers pocket, and large enough to get the detail you require on to it.  Remember though that your space is less than that of an A4 page, so be sure to use your space well.  A5 flyers are a popular choice for direct mail campaigns and can also be used to provide additional information on your product or services at a trade show or conference.


A similar size to postcards, A6 flyers are becoming more and more popular as the digital age continues to impact on the retail industry.  A6 flyers are a popular size for flyers that are inserted into packages to help promote additional products or services from an online supplier.  The size and weight of A6 pages also make them an affordable way of printing large amounts of flyers, but just remember the size in which you have to work with is starting to become less and less.  A6 flyers are best used as an insert or ‘filler’ to try and push an upcoming sale or event, and have proved to be successful in the retail industry.


DL flyers are 1/3 A4 page (210mm x 99mm) and this means they fit perfectly into DL envelopes.  This has made them a popular flyer size for direct mail campaigns.  They are also a popular size for the food industry, with many eateries using a DL layout for their menu.  DL flyers still give you enough room to get creative, while also giving you a flyer that fits perfectly into your customers pocket or bag.  DL flyers are popular at trade shows, and as they are 1/3 of A4 page, they can also be a cost effective way for producing multiple flyers for your customers.

Which size is right for you?

Deciding on the paper size of your flyer will really come down to what you plan to use it for.  If you need to get lots of information onto your flyer then you will need an A4 or A5 flyer.  If you want something cheap that your customers can take with them on the go, consider smaller flyer sizes like A6, A7 or DL.

Whatever size you decide on, ensure that your message is clear and easy to read.  Don’t try to put too much information on to your flyer.  Make it something that your customers will want to pick up or want to read, should it land on their door mat.

Summer Flyer Printing

Today, I invite readers to submit their stories for possible publication in the upcoming book, “Writer’s Passion: A Collection of Works by Solano County Writers and Beyond.”

The ambitious, anthology book project is spearheaded by Writers Resource Center — a Fairfield-based, nonprofit literary organization (the only one of its kind in Solano County) for aspiring and accomplished writers — to commemorate its 10th anniversary.

Everyone is invited to submit their work, organizers say, although they hope the majority of works come from Solano.

Submissions are not limited to Writers Resource Center members, and the deadline for manuscripts is July 31.

All genres (except children’s) are being accepted. Writers must engage the reader in their fiction or non-fiction stories in 1,800 words or less. Poetry is limited to five stanzas.

Specific submission guidelines and additional details are available at, as well as a downloadable flyer printing and sharing with others. Take a look at the book cover and picture your story between the pages. This won’t be possible if you don’t submit your manuscript.

A publisher has accepted the book for publication. The anthology review committee consists of published book authors who have as their goal to have the publication completed right before the holidays. The book will be available as an e-book and in print. It will also be available on Amazon and on Google.

As Writers Resource Center enjoys membership outside of California and the U.S., this book will be available nationwide and internationally.

Janie Bess, founder of the writers organization, and also a published author and recent Black Chamber of Commerce African-American Women’s Legacy Award winner, says: “Solano County have many writers and poets who are hiding their works.” She hopes this project will encourage closet writers and others to share their talents.

Bess said people locally and beyond will have an opportunity to experience the talent we have in Solano, too, and know we appreciate literature and the arts.

Equally important, others will know Solano supports an organization committed to helping people of all ages, skill levels and backgrounds express themselves through writing, develop their writing skills, enhance their critical thinking and be well-informed readers.

Today is the first day of summer. Why not dust off those manuscripts that have been hidden away in desk drawers or in a computer for decades? “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you,” a best-seller author said.

We have many people right here who can weave powerful words and sensory details into an enthralling story, dazzle readers with the rhythm and rhyme of poetry, or leave audiences on the edge of their seats with a mystery story.

Sharing our stories is about owning, sharing and harnessing our experiences into something profound and positive that can benefit others.

I applaud the Writers Resource Center for implementing a project to expose and showcase the talents of others. This anthology could put Solano on the literary map. Who knows?

What if my story is rejected? A published author once wrote: “The fear of rejection is worse than rejection itself. You can’t afford to doubt yourself.”

This author submitted an article to a major magazine. Three weeks later, when she received an envelope from the editor, she refused to open it. Five years later, while spring cleaning, she ran across the unopened envelope and decided to open it. Her story had been accepted. The editor awaited her response.

It took years for her to recover, as she said she missed out on an opportunity to have her article appear in a well-known magazine and she lost $500. Later, she had a second chance when her experience appeared in “Chicken Soup for the Soul.”