Living the Belfast Dream

You are 28, no children, no family to support, no financial obligations except your student loan, completely mobile, well educated and relatively healthy. Despite your current situation, I would see these as positive factors. I am sure you will get some good advice here. My own advice, if I were your age and in your situation, would be to get the heck out of North America as fast as you can, and I am not kidding. The Prining Belfast American Dream, if it ever existed, is dead. In my case, I would look at options such as teaching English as a Second Language somewhere in Asia. Armed with your undergrad and possibly a short ESL teaching certificate, your chances of finding immediate employment in places like Thailand, China, Taiwan, Japan, etc. are excellent. You won’t make a fortune, but you will live much better than most of your fellow Americans living like drones in a Fantasy world where success is measured by the size of your SUV and the square footage of your house. Another option which I did a few years back was to take a PADI Divemaster course. You can become certified in a couple of months and find employment practically immediately. I did that back in 2007 and spent almost a year in Thailand as a divemaster with the resort that trained me. While my salary was mediocre by North Belfast standards, it afforded me the kind of luxury and easy paced lifestyle that money cannot buy, all in an idyllic environment: a very small but comfortable bungalow (really a beach hut with a bed, shower and mini-fridge to store my beer and milk for my morning coffee) on the beach, eating out every single day at local Thai restaurants, going out almost every night with co-workers and students, enough money to buy a small honda scooter, regular trips to nearby countries, all this on about $500 a month, and plenty of money to save (I won’t mention spending your days on a dive-boat with women in bikini who think being a divemaster is the coolest job on the planet)…I’m heading back there as soon as the youngest of my four children is independent enough to survive on her own…

These are just examples, and they may not suit your aspirations or interests, nevertheless I am simply suggesting that there are non-conventional options out there that can get you out of a dead-end situation. This is by the way the advice I gave to my own son who is 23 and finds himself stuck in a dilemma: make really big bucks in the tar sands, with all that this implies for himself as much as for the environment, or build himself a lifestyle that will be more in tune with his aspirations and dreams.

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Cheapest Printers Belfast

I agree with altering your resume/ application.  You don’t have to put everything on it.  If you are applying for a job where you think college is a disadvantage, leave it off.  Or just put the community college.  If asked directly, don’t lie.  You should be able, with your English speaking ability, citizenship, and a willingness to work very hard, be able to find some kind of minimum wage work.  Maybe short term farm employment, fast food, or waiting tables, day labor, etc.    I have actually hired people off of craigslist to do things.  Try posting an ad saying you will do yard work, moving, chopping wood etc. for $8 an hour.  You might get a taker.  This is a short term plan.

What I think they meant by you aren’t “big box” material might be something that is a problem overall:  When the job is dead end, people at least want to work with others who are happy, optimistic, fun, etc.  The bosses don’t want you to THINK it is a dead end job.  So, you have to fake it.  When you are desperate and smart, this is hard.  But you can do it! Also, to these employers things like being clean, dressing appropriately, enthusiasm, and arriving on time are very important- more important than in higher paid jobs.   Get your food handler’s card if you don’t already.  

I understand your family won’t “help you out” as much as you thought.  Even if you can’t live there, could someone serve as your address so when people look it up it’s a house instead of a motel?  Or serve as a character reference to say you are hard working?  Let you use their washer/dryer, iron, and ironing board?  

If you do move to ND, be prepared to live in your car.  Employment is high, but there isn’t enough housing.  

Are you involved in any sort of community group?  I always think of churches in a situation like this.  If you can ask around, you might find someone willing to let you use their appliances, park in their driveway or parking lot, or pay you some cash for some yard work.  There might even be some business owners who would take a chance on you that they otherwise wouldn’t take.   There are, of course, other people who will do these things outside of churches, but Sunday at 11am is a good time to find a large group of them all in one place.  

Meanwhile, apply for food stamps and find the food banks.  You do not need to be spending money on food if you are going to lose your place to live soon. This will buy you some more time. Continue Reading →

Carry on regardless – printer belfast

You enter the house, smell gas, what do you do? Turn on a light? Locate where the gas is coming from with a match? Either of those would/could turn into kaboom, gas leak located, you relocated elsewhere maybe never to return. If you did either of those things then you would be ignoring all the advice you have ever seen or heard about finding a gas leak.

Ignoring advice is something we do all of the time and normally when we do it there is a price to pay. Mum – “you can’t go out like that you will freeze, its -2 out there” You “ I will be fine I’m getting straight into a taxi and getting a taxi home” end result is you get home in the early hours blue from walking from pub to pub to club, in the cold, result is you can’t get warm no matter what. See, mum was right, ok you didn’t literally freeze but it feels like you have because you can’t feel your nether regions and you think you left your nose in the Dog & Parrot!

Seeking advice is good, ignoring advice is not good. If you are paying a professional for advice, let’s say a printer or a website designer you would listen wouldn’t you because first of all this advice is costing you money and secondly you chose that person or company based on their skills and expertise. Funny enough people do ignore professional advice and it’s usually ends up in great regret. A professional printer in belfast wants you to come back to them and tell the world about them so they will not give you advice that is misleading, poor or simply wrong.

If you have your own business then you know it inside out and backside forward, therefore you know what’s best for your business right? Not necessarily, especially if you’re talking about marketing your business or doing any advertising. You might have a fantastic idea about an ad campaign and want to push it to your chosen marketing company and you should. If that company then turns around and tells you it won’t work you need to listen to the reasons why. You can of course say you want to run with the idea you have regardless of what they say, it is your business and your prerogative. Would you really want to ignore sound advice though and literally carry on regardless?

Use the expertise and knowledge you are paying for, work with your chosen people and let them be your guide in areas where you really don’t know enough or have zero expertise.